Dustin Hulme, a dedicated family man and seasoned builder, was born and raised in Southeast Idaho. Dustin's journey of home building was marked by a deep-rooted love for the Western way of life, a passion for progress, and an unwavering commitment to integrity.



With over 10 Years of Experience

In 2009, Dustin made a significant move to Teton Valley, where he not only found his new home but also the love of his life, a local native. Over the years, he and his wife have built a strong and loving family, raising two wonderful children together and calling a cattle and horse ranch home in Tetonia, Idaho.

Known for his honesty and unyielding integrity, Dustin embarked on a journey of building fences over 25 years ago, driven by the sheer thrill of overcoming each project challenge. His passion for building custom fences, horse shelters, and headgates not only showcases his expertise but also helps lead his team in the construction of high-quality fences. Dustin is also the owner of the premier local home building company in Teton Valley, Elk Ridge Builders.
Dustin's commitment to his clients goes beyond professional excellence. He understands the importance of creating a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for horses, reflecting his own love for these majestic animals. His hands-on approach and genuine understanding of the unique needs of horse owners set Spring Creek Fence Co apart as a trusted source for top-quality fencing solutions in Teton Valley.

As the proud owner of Spring Creek Fence Co, Dustin Hulme combines his technical expertise with a personal touch, ensuring that every project reflects the values of the Western lifestyle. 

Experience the dedication, integrity, and passion that Dustin and his team bring to every fencing project.

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At Spring Creek Fence Co., we are more than just builders; we are active participants in fostering the community spirit of the Teton Valley, Idaho area. Our commitment to supporting local businesses, organizations, and sports teams reflects our belief in the strength and potential of our community.

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